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Tuesday, August 27th, 2024
6:00pm - 9:00pm

A Digital Convergence: Using AurumTek & ModJaw

The field of implant dentistry continues to grow both in terms of the number of practitioners placing and restoring implants as well as patient demand for successful outcomes in as short a time as possible. 

Integrating AurumTek and Modjaw into your dental practice can significantly enhance your
ability to deliver precise implant treatments, significantly reduce chairtime and improve patient
outcomes. We will show you how you can effectively integrate these technologies and produce
a total digital workflow for full arch dental restorations.

By integrating AurumTek and Modjaw into your dental practice, you can achieve greater precision,
efficiency, and patient satisfaction in implant dentistry. These technologies not only simplify
complex procedures but also elevate your practice’s capabilities in delivering advanced
dental care. Regular training, efficient workflow management, and patient-centered care will
further optimize the integration process and ensure successful outcomes for your patients.

Location: AIC Wall Street – New York, NY

Presented by:

Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro

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September 5-7, 2024

LVI Core 1- Hollywood Beach, FL

An exciting hands-on course that gives you the tools to treat complex cases and gain treatment acceptance from your patients using Physiologic Based Dentistry.

Location: Hollywood Beach Marriott, FL

Presented by:

September 13, 2024

Occlusally Driven Digital Full Mouth and Implant Reconstructions

8:30am – 5:00pm

The New Digital Practice Workflow Update 2024

  • Intraoral scanning and related software
  • Facial scanning, recording, and related smile design software
  • AurumTek Full Arch Fixed Implant Restoration powered by Nexus iOS overview
  • CBCT interpretation
  • TMJ Dignostic occlusal evaluation


  • Dynamic occlusion and articulation recording in 4D
  • Modjaw virtual articulator
  • Immersion of all datat in the new digital workflows in 4D
  • Clinical cases overview
  • Q&A
8 CE credits available. $595 USD.


Hotel Intercontinental

360 rue Saint-Antoine Ouest

Monteal, QC H2Y 3X4  

Presented by:

Dr. Thanos Kristallis

Dr. Thanos Kristallis has been one of the top Prosthodontists world-wide dedicated to cosmetic and implant dentistry treating celebrities and dignitaries around the globe for more than 30 years. His undetermined desire for perusing further knowledge and the goal of achieving the highest level of human creativity has taken him around the world in order to create, treat, educate and offer his patients the best cosmetic treatment results possible. An experienced cosmetic reconstructive dentist, currently practicing in his private offices in San Diego, while he teaches at the Department of Advanced Prosthodontics at UCLA, School of Dentistry and the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and Plastic Surgery at UCSD. With his background and advanced postgraduate training in 5 different clinical disciplines covering all areas of Cosmetic and Implant dentistry, Dr Thanos Kristallis is a dedicated professional who aspires to treat every patient with a personal customized treatment concept in order to achieve a specialized oral rehabilitation result, restoring oral and overall patient health, wellness and achieving superb cosmetic results and function.

September 13-14, 2024

Gdental – Transform Your Practice with Digital Technology

This course teaches the entire dental team how to integrate adigital workflow into a dental office through a carefully designedcurriculum. Participants will receive one-on-one hands-oninstructions in a clinical setting utilizing the educational manikins.

Location: Gdental

New York, NY

Presented by:

Dr. Ana Giglio & Dr. Graz Giglio


The Westin Nova Scotian 1181 Hollis Street Halifax, NS B3H 2P6 Canada

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September 27-28, 2024

Keystone Key Conference 2024 Miami

The end of analogue. Come explore the latest innovative solutions in dentistry, from cutting edge technology to revolutionary treatment methods.

Location: Eden Roc Hotel Miami Beach

Presented by:

Dr. Nate Jeal

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October 10th, 2024
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Mastering the Modern Dental Marketplace

Attendees will be introduced to a roadmap which guides dentists through market poisitioning, authority marketing, and patient categorization.

Location: Delta Hotels Saskatoon Downtown

Presented by:

Dr. Nate Jeal & Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen

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October 18-19, 2024

Rondeau Seminars – Level 1 Introduction to Orthodontics

The purpose of this comprehensive 4 session, 8 day program is to teach general and pediatric dentists how to diagnose and treat simple orthodontic cases. Emphasis will be placed on thorough records and diagnosis. Treatment will involve using a combination of functional appliances mainly in mixed dentition and fixed orthodontic braces (straight wire technique) in permanent dentition. Dr. Rondeau’s systematic approach, organization and marketing tips make incorporating orthodontics into the general practice relatively easy.

Location: Hyo Maier Academy for Dental Excellence

Calgary, AB

Presented by:

Dr. Brock Rondeau

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October 24-26, 2024


The International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics is an organizational meeting that strives for dental excellence rooted in higher education via a variety of lectures, panel discussions, and workshops for both professionals and team members.

Location: Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

Presented by:

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October 25-26, 2024

Become a Master of Biomechanical TMD Treatment (CALGARY)

Our program equips dentists to identify and address TMD signs and symptoms effectively, empowering them to initiate simple treatments.

Location: Hyo Maier Academy for Dental Excellence

Calgary, AB

Presented by:

Dr. Curtis Westersund

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November 8-9, 2024

Modjaw 4D Fall Symposium

The first symposium about the virtual patient, 4D digital workflows and dynamic occlusion!

Location: T. Denny Sanford Medical Education and Telemedicine Center

San Diego, CA

Presented by:

Dr. Katya Archambault
Dr. Thanos Kristalis

November 15-16, 2024

Become a Master of Biomechanical TMD Treatment (USA)

Our program equips dentists to identify and address TMD signs and symptoms effectively, empowering them to initiate simple treatments.

Location: AIC Wall Street

New York, NY

Presented by:

Dr. Curtis Westersund

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