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How to have your Team Buy into Your Practice Vision

Too many excellent practices are missing opportunities to build more customer loyalty, team productivity, and financial returns. 

As the leader, you know your team needs to perform at its best to get the best results.

The problem is that most practice leaders confess to struggling with:

  • Team members who:
    • Do not fully buy into their practice vision
    • Lack commitment to meet customer service standards
    • Avoid accountability in implementing new business ideas 

If you think your team could accomplish so much more but are

still missing something, join this 60-minute webinar to learn the best strategies to get your team on your page.

Chad Gibson will guide you through his signature 5-Step Communication Process for Practice Leaders to impact significant change through your people. 

Imagine how great it’s going to feel when your team:

  • Is excited about your practice vision 
  • Has established positive team morale and clear communication
  • Has a clear roadmap to hitting your goals with total buy-in from each team member

This high-paced, value-packed webinar will give you actionable steps and templates to lead a team that achieves more than you ever thought possible.

Chad Gibson

Leadership & Business Growth Specialist

Leadership and Business Growth Specialist

Through his internationally acclaimed leadership training and coaching services, Chad specializes in helping leaders and organizations to turn their genius and potential into winning teams who produce unprecedented business results.
Using Chad’s tried and tested step-by-step system, even the newest leaders and entrepreneurs, or even the most seasoned ones, can quickly and easily elevate their leadership skills and confidence…
And create a life where the team and business work seamlessly together to make their vision a reality.

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