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Crown and Bridge

The zirconium oxide used is fully biocompatible and meets high esthetic expectations due to its tooth-like color. CAD/CAM manufactured for excellent fit and the material used is exceptionally strong. It can be used to make single units as well as bridges. The polychromatic zirconia crown is an esthetically pleasing restoration. Recommended for posterior and anterior teeth.

IPS e.max® CAD utilizes the same highperformance lithium disilicate ceramic material as traditional pressed IPS e.max® matching its esthetic qualities, while also giving all the advantages of CAD/CAM manufacturing including accurate fit and consistent quality.

This innovative crown is 2.5 to 3 times stronger than layered porcelain crowns at 360 – 400 MPa. IPS e.max® CAD is an ideal material for crowns as it exhibits esthetic properties of both translucency and opalescence.

Digital Dentures

Simplus+ the one appointment denture.

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Early 3D printed denture systems compromised strength, esthetics, and tooth durability. The process to prepare the material, wash, and finish could require significant time and technician skill. Lucitone Digital Print Dentures let you have it all. High impact material, body activated material, IPN durability.


Traditionally, splints have been made from either a hard acrylic or a soft, polyvinyl material. Hard acrylic splints provide the patient with an adjustable occlusal surface but usually require substantial chair time to make the appliance fit comfortably. Soft splints, although more comfortable for the patient, do not lend themselves to replacement and repair. The Dual-Flex® Splint offers the best of both worlds: the comfort and fit of a soft splint combined with the accuracy and adjustability of a hard acrylic occlusal surface.

Based on the unique Clear-Flex® thermoplastic (or temperature sensitive) resilient polymer, the splint becomes flexible when placed in warm water. This allows the patient to insert it in their mouth comfortably, without any abnormal forces being placed on their teeth. As it cools the splint returns to its original shape, conforming to the teeth for secure, reliable retention. A hard acrylic is chemically bonded to the Clear-Flex® base to form the occlusal surface of the splint. This allows the dentist to easily and precisely adjust the occlusal surface of the appliance. This hard occlusal surface ensures proper proprioceptive response with opposing dentition is maintained.

Available in an exciting array of colours to encourage patient acceptance and compliance, our comprehensive Intact® family of laminated athletic mouthguards has been designed to protect the teeth and lips. Individually custom-crafted using heat and pressure, they also help reduce forces that may cause concussions, cerebral hemorrhage, neck injuries and jaw fractures. A palatal brace of hardened plastic supplies added support for high risk upper anteriors, transmitting shear forces away from the tooth.

Sleep Solutions

The NaturalRest™ line has been developed as a fully digital sleep solution. Utilizing the most advanced 3D printing solutions, we are able to ensure that these appliances provide the highest level of comfort and are designed to each patients specific needs. Each appliance is fabricated at the pre-determined bite which will give aim to alleviate sleep related disorders by repositioning the patient’s mandible and enhance the airway opening. The fully digital workflow allows us to replicate existing or lost appliances, as well as easily complete any adjustments needed through treatment. Ask us more about our NaturalRest™ line today.

The Panthera D-SAD is a dental appliance that can be used for the treatment of snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea. The appliance is made of type 12 polyamide, a resistant biocompatible nylon.

The Panthera D-SAD is recommended to be prescribed for the treatment of snoring, mild to moderate sleep apnea, and severe sleep apnea for patients who do not tolerate the CPAP treatment or comply with it.

The Panthera D-SAD is the smallest device in the industry.

RODO Digital Prosthetics

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