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Ultra Conservative Minimal-Prep Veneers (4 parts)

Dr. Danièle Larose - On-Demand

Tracing an actual case from smile evaluation to cementation, this Webinar series covers everything you need to know to start and finish your first minimal prep case. And, it’s packed with invaluable tips for those already placing minimal prep veneers in their practices. Through a combination of in-depth discussion and practical illustrations of each aspect on an actual live patient, these webinars have been designed to deliver a true “over the shoulder” experience for the clinician.

The series covers:

  • Easy to apply systems for clinical assessment and smile evaluation that naturally lead to superior esthetics.
  • Proven and predictable preparation and temporization guidelines based on the patient’s pre-approved smile.
  • Using laboratory-fabricated tools (diagnostic wax-up, temporary stent and prep guides) to simplify your clinical tasks.
  • Efficient placement and cementation tips.


Dr. Danièle Larose graduated from the University of Montreal’s School of Dental Medicine in 1997. She is in private practice in Ville St. Laurent (a suburb of Montreal) where she focuses on Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry. Dr. Larose attended the Dawson Institute and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. For the past eight years, she has been receiving great reviews teaching full-day hands-on classes devoted to anterior aesthetic techniques in Eastern Canada and the U.S. Dr. Larose was a featured speaker at the 2010 Women’s Dental Conference, a clinical instructor at the 2011 AACD meeting and a speaker at the 2012 AACD meeting in Washington, DC. In 2013, she was invited be part of the teaching faculty at the Center for Esthetic Excellence in Chicago, Illinois. Her work and educational articles have been featured in Continuum and Oral Health magazines. Dr. Larose is a member of the LVI Study Club, AACD, CAED and ODQ.

Digital Occlusion and Protecting Your Dentistry

Ben Sutter DMD - On-Demand

One of the biggest frustrations in dentistry is addressing restorative failures. In this interactive presentation Dr Sutter will share how to keep porcelain from breaking, implants from being overloaded and failing, and maintaining long term success with cosmetic and full mouth cases. How to have confidence that the case finishing was done correctly and why relying on bite paper is about 17% accurate. From a single implant to full mouth rehabilitation, he will share why digital occlusion is the gold standard.


Dr Sutter owns a general dentistry practice and practices full time in clinical dentistry. His background in occlusion includes, the Perfect Bite, LVI, Equilibration Seminars, TruDenta. In addition to earning multiple fellowships and masterships he has published multiple articles and a book chapter. He has lectured nationally and internationally all under the topic of digital and physiologic occlusion.

Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea: Treatment Planning using MATRx plus

Dr. John Remmers, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, Zephyr Sleep Technologies - On-Demand

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) is a growing treatment option for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA); however, this therapy does have its challenges and limitations. During this webinar, you will hear about a practical, evidence-based solution that will increase OAT’s efficacy and improve patient care. The basis for OSA treatment planning is MATRx plus™, an auto-titrating at-home sleep testing device, that delivers reliable and predictable results, leads to higher case acceptance and better patient experience. In addition, you will learn how the use of MATRx plus will improve the relationship between the dental and medical communities and drive patient referrals.

Learning Objectives:

1. To understand the limitations of current methods for implementing oral appliances in treating sleep apnea

2. To review the evidence and utility of MATRx plus in treatment planning

3. To set the stage for positive interactions with physicians


As the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and co-founder of Zephyr Sleep Technologies, Dr. John Remmers leads the research, design, and development of innovative sleep products used in the diagnoses and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. He is a recognized physiologist, pioneer, and innovator in sleep medicine.

As a world-renowned expert in the field of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, Dr. Remmers has published over one hundred peer reviewed articles in the area of respiratory physiology. Over the past decade, Dr. Remmers has dedicated his research to patient selection for oral appliance therapy, which led to the development of the MATRx plus, an auto-titrating mandibular positioning testing device.

He holds a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Physiology from Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Remmers has also completed his Pre-Doctoral Fellowship from the Harvard Medical School and completed his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Dartmouth Medical School.

The Modern Digital Practice: Utilizing Technology from New Patient Exam to Delivery

Josh Austin DDS - On-Demand

Technology has become an integral part of dentistry over the past decade. Every dental practice utilizes some sort of technology in delivering patient care, however there are some opportunities to be more effective. Digital scanning can be used in every facet of a dental practice. This can increase patient communication and treatment acceptance. From a restorative stand point, digital scanning increases productivity and proficiency. In this course, we will examine ways to unleash the full potential of your digital dental practice!

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss the value of digital scanning technology in the dental office

2. Evaluate the ways to increase patient communication and treatment acceptance using digital technology

3. Review the restorative workflows of digital scanning technology

brainSHIFT: Mindful Leaders Rise Above the Panic


In times of unprecedented crisis, two types of leaders emerge. One type of leader operates from a subconscious realm of fear. In this state, stress-related symptoms of anxiety, panic, inability to focus, and insomnia predominate. When we brainSHIFT, we become the leader who quickly faces fears, rises above the panic, and finds a path to calm consciousness. Dr. Romie is a triple board physician and serves as a Chief Wellness Officer of a company of over 7000 employees. The brainSHIFT Protocol was created after three years of her research, bringing together neuroscience, integrative medicine, and mindfulness. In this 90-minute interactive training:

1) Score your current stress level and immediately implement three basic steps to lead with calm, decision, and precision.
2) Map out your fear pattern and learn how to rise above the panic.
3) Join an interactive Q&A on how to recognize and treat the root cause of anxiety, panic, insomnia, and ADHD.


COVID-19, a Global Nightmare! Is it time to wake up to a new "normal"? - Sleep and Total Health

Dr. Shouresh Charkhandeh - On-Demand

The world is in the midst of a global crisis. Now more than ever, maintaining good physical and mental health should be a priority. In today’s society, the pursuit of success, happiness and becoming “the best version of yourself” is endless. People are continually looking for new ways to improve their quality of life and sense of well-being. Sleep is an essential component of our lives and plays a vital role in both physical and mental health. Sleep awareness is rising, so as the prevalence of Sleep Disorders. Dentists can have an instrumental role in helping patients achieve a better quality of life, by recognizing and addressing sleep and airway disorders.

This program will provide an overview of:

1) Why proper sleep is so important during a time of crisis & how it can easily get disrupted.
2) Sleep & Total Health; Impact of sleep on different pillars of “Total Health.”
3) Why dental clinics should have a comprehensive understanding of sleep & airway disorders, and educate their patients.
4) Sleep & Airway Assessment in comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment planning.
5) Important role of technology & fully digital workflows in dental sleep medicine.


Disrupting Dentures: A Patient Flow for the Future

Dr. Andrew Johnson - On-Demand

As is the nature of all things new, the motivation for adopting a developing technology must transcend novelty alone if a tipping point is ever reached, if an industry is ever changed. The battle between mainstay and modern solutions is usually won with improvements in cost, quality and/or convenience. For over ten years, digital denture technology has been slowly rebalancing these factors, but only now is it emerging as an industry-wide advantage for both patients and providers alike. With priority on the clinician’s role in gathering data and delivering results, Dr. Johnson will demonstrate how the ever-evolving digital denture workflows stand up to the past and stand out as the future.

TMD Pain Solutions for the General Dentist & Specialist

Dr. Curtis Westersund - On-Demand

What is TMD? How common is it? What does it look like in our patient population? The problem with TMD is in our definition of the problem. And the limitations that definition gives us when treating patients. With a common sense look at the diagnosis of TMD we can treat the 3 main problems TMD/malocclusion patients have and find answers to help them.

You will learn:
1) The physiology of occlusion … Signs and Symptoms in the TMD Basket.
2) The 3 Problems with a Malocclusion.
3) Modern biometric diagnostics / measuring the physiology.
4) How to move from a Mechanical to Bio-Mechanical view of TMD.
5) Integrating Collaborative Protocols to get Faster Resolution.

Staying Front-Row Positive in a Balcony-Negative World

Marilyn Sherman - On-Demand​

Managing yourself and others during this challenging time has been described as handling a loss… a loss of normalcy, loss of routine, and for many a loss of revenue. So what can you do? Hall of fame business speaker Marilyn Sherman will shed some light on what you can do to be resilient and put on an Armour of optimism during these trying times.

Hall of Fame business keynote speaker Marilyn Sherman delivers high content to associations, direct sales, and corporate audiences with strategies to get people out of their comfort zone and achiever better results. With inspiring stories backed with proven methods, audiences log off with immediate take-home value. Her “Front-Row Success” keynote reminds people to change their seat to change their life. No more settling for balcony seats or general admission sections. It’s time to join other high-performers in the front-row. Marilyn is the author of four motivational books on success. In addition, holds the highest earned designation in the speaking profession, the Certified Speaking Professional or CSP. More impressively, she has recently been inducted to the National Speaker’s Association Speaker Hall of Fame. She is one of only 185 people in the world who are in the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

Top Gun Resilience

Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman - On-Demand​

Known as “The Wingman,” Lt Col Waldo Waldman is a highly decorated fighter pilot, New York Times bestselling author, business consultant and executive coach. He helps leaders and organizations build collaborative cultures of trust, courage and commitment in highly competitive, rapidly changing business environments.

An expert on change management and resilience, Waldo’s key message in his “Never Fly Solo” programs is that you can’t reach your highest potential alone. You need wingmen – trusted partners – to help you overcome obstacles and win when adversity strikes.

During his interactive virtual leadership program, Waldo will share combat tested tools and techniques on managing change, performing under pressure, and building trusting relationships to help you cultivate resilience, courage and focus during these challenging times.


Chris Kabot - On-Demand​ - 01.02.2020

Learn about the latest developments in 3D dentistry. “Scanning, software, milling, 3d printing” are all buzzwords in dentistry today. Chris has lectured on these topics all over the globe and looks forward to sharing the latest in digital processes with you.

Chris Kabot is a Biomedical engineer by trade and the VP of Tech, R&D for The Aurum Group. Prior to his role with Aurum he managed Dental Applications for the inventor of the 3D printer, 3D Systems, and a Dental based 3D printing company, EnvisionTec. Chris started his career co-developing one of the first 3D printed surgical systems for cranio-maxilofacial surgeries and is dedicated to all things digital in dentistry.

Connection + Conversation = Personal Transformation

Theo Fleury - On-Demand​​

Former NHL player, Theoren Fleury, Fleury Enterprises mission is to help people overcome any obstacle by igniting leadership, action and resilience from within.

Theo Fleury is a dynamic public speaker and audience facilitator. His varied events and experiential workshops not only entertain, but also empower guests to tackle old issues from a fresh perspective.

Guests will leave an engagement with Theo feeling motivated to confront obstacles head on, truly understanding that change is possible and heartened that quitting is never an option.

Setting the Path to Sensational Smiles

Dr. Gordon Chee - On-Demand​​

This webinar will discuss concepts that will allow you to shape your path to creating next level aesthetic dentistry. Learn how to combine mindset, precision, and photography to crush your cases, wow your patients, and grow your brand.

Dr. Gordon Chee is a highly accomplished aesthetic denist and dental photographer in Calgary, AB. He completed his dental degree at the University of Albert in 2000, and began practicing aesthetic dentistry in Vancouver, BC. He now operates Aesthetic Dental Studio, a boutique dental practice in Calgary focusing on Dental Aesthetics, Bomimetic Dentistry, TMD and Reconstructive Dentistry. Dr. Gordon Chee has a special interest in comprehensive aesthetic dentistry and has completed several post graduate training courses including the LVI Core Curriculum, Biomimetics Level 1 and Level 2, as well as the Aesthetic Composite training at Cosmedent. He is also on the advisory board of the Evolve Alberta Chapter of the Seattle Study Club. His outstanding dental photography and cosmetic cases have been featured in several dental publications including the Continuum and the Aurum Artisans.

Lost that Lovin' feeling? Success is all about relationships

Dr. Larry Stanleigh - On-Demand​​

Simply Powerful and Powerfully Simple tools to transform your practice, your team and your life.

When we understand others, we can guide our conversations and build a culture of trust. Drawing from 30+ years of small business and clinical dentistry experience, Dr. Larry Stanleigh brings humor, story-telling and real-life examples to this interactive, fast-paced presentation. Learn how to communicate more effectively through an understanding of basic personality types. Discover how and where to apply this knowledge to build trust and improve patient and team experiences from our marketing to the waiting room to the operatory.

Consistency leads to trust. Trust leads to treatment plan acceptance. Through an understanding of ourselves/each other and responding with kindness and respect, we can develop a team of self-directed leaders, nourish a flourishing practice, and cultivate a culture of success while increasing the quality of patient care.

Out with the old ways, In with the new!

Rick Couronne & Larisa Wells - On-Demand​​

Providing insight for you and your practice on current government programs, tax efficiencies, mortgage management and how other businesses are adapting to the new normal.

Rick Couronne is Vice President of Business Development of Western Canada, bringing three decades of experience to Cape Cove in the financial markets and has worked in both the private and public markets. Dr. Larisa Wells, Vice President of Western Canada operations. Wells has her Ph.D. in Mathematical Economics and works closely with business and portfolio managers to identify unique opportunities and investment strategies to empower investors in rapidly growing private and alternative space. 

Jean-Marc Bougie is Chief Executive Officer of the Hillcore Group. Jean-Marc is also Chairman and CEO of Wisdom Structured Investments and Chairman of Waiward Steel, Treeline Wells Services and Academy Group, Hillcore portfolio companies. Michael has over a decade of experience advising successful entrepreneurs and ultra high net worth families on a full spectrum of matters relating to business planning and investment structures. Marilyn deRooy is Veridian’s resident tax specialist,

Resiliency, Re-opening & Rehiring - Time to open!

Dr. Jan Jaffer - On-Demand​​

As we gear up to re-open our clinics, re-engage with our patients and bring our valuable teams back work. What steps will need to happen to ensure we are ready with a safe clinic.

Can’t wait to see you all.

Dr. Jan Jaffer graduated from UOP in San Francisco in 2002 at the age of 22. Through his ethos of hard work, integrity and giving back to his patients, staff and the community, Jan developed the TREC Dental Partnership that operates 20 dental clinics in the Calgary area, including 4 specialty clinics. In 2018, TREC Dental partnered with CUPS to operate a free dental clinic in Calgary providing care to some of Calgary’s neediest citizens. 

Jan regularly volunteers with Kindness in Action and Dentistry For All. He has been on 14 overseas dental missions and he is also currently the Chair of the World Partnership Walk Calgary, an annual event that raises money for international development. He is passionate about health and fitness, and is the co-owner of TREC Fit Lab. Jan has been invited to speak at national meetings on practice management and team empowerment. He is currently a lecturer with Straumann Dental in the field of restorative implant dentistry.

Out of the Penalty Box - and Back in the Game

Dr. Paul Piccininni - On-Demand

Sport will be back after the curve flattens.
Will you …. and your practice … be ready??

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on sport at all levels – from the multi-billion dollar postponement of the Tokyo Olympics all the way down to cancellation of house league soccer this summer.

But sport will be back – already European leagues have started “socially distant” training camps, and the NFL is planning a full 17 game schedule. What will sport in the COVID era look like, and how can you be ready for these changes for yourself, your family and your patients?

In this program, we will use a number of international resources to discuss:

  1. The current state of international sport, particularly related to the Summer Olympic Games as well as the return of hockey in North America.
  2. The WHO Risk Mitigation Tool for Mass Gatherings / Sport, and how this can be used at all levels of competition – even by parents.
  3.  A ‘roadmap’ for return to sport for both professional and recreational athletes.

With the return to sport comes a return to sport injuries. Properly fabricated and fitted mouthguards may indeed prevent more sport injuries than any other piece of protective equipment. In the second part of this webinar we will review:

  1. The different types of mouth protection available to athletes at all levels.
  2. Design considerations for pressure laminated guards for various sports.
  3. Recent research into the role that mouthguards may play in the reduction of concussion incidence and/or severity.


Dr. Paul Piccininni is a Member of both the IOC Medical Commission Games Group and the IIHF Medical Committee. He has been involved in the planning and implementation of the Medical Service for every Summer and Winter Olympic Games since 1996 in Atlanta.

Dr. Piccininni co-chaired the recent Osaka Consensus Conference on Mouthguards and Concussions, and will present some of the as-yet unpublished findings along with some historical and recent research.

Dr. Piccininni has lectured internationally in over a dozen countries and is a consultant to both Hockey Canada and Canada Basketball. He has produced articles for a number of journals including Oral Health, the California Dental Association and Clinics in Sports Medicine. He is a member of the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Sports Dentistry and created the Sport Dentistry module for the Sport Medicine Diploma programs for both FIFA and the IOC.

After the curve…then what?

Bob Hope - President - Timeshift Solutions - On-Demand

Discussions about getting back to work are now happening, but there hasn’t been any definitive or consistent guidance nationally of what that will look like. How Dental offices use the coming days & weeks to plan the initial period ahead will be decisive. Significant changes will be required to open your doors, and as we adapt to those immediate challenges, we will no doubt find ourselves having to shift gears to new realities as they present themselves in the coming months. Having to close your operatory for 3 hours after a restorative procedure is not feasible long-term; on-site rapid testing in dental offices is not off the table. The coming months will be fluid and unpredictable.

As we define our new ways of working, it will be essential that the messaging to your patients is thoughtful and effective, based on common guidelines grounded on the shared principles of safety and well-being. Patients are going to have loads of questions and concerns, we know that…it will be how we address and manage those emotions moving forward that will determine our success.

It’s clear there are 2 competing interests at play here: Getting back to work, getting the economy into a recovery mode, and mitigating against another wave.

During this webinar, Bob will provide some brass tack steps of what to do now in the way of preparedness, how to prepare for the unexpected coming months, and adopting an entirely new mindset during these uncertain times.

Bring a pen & paper, you’ll be getting some homework…and prepare to have some fun along the way!

Re-Entry during Difficult Times

Marilyn Sherman - On-Demand​

How do you handle re-entry? What do you do and say to create a smooth transition from remote working, to gradually coming back to ’normal?’ Marilyn Sherman will join us again to share her insights on managing the people side of your practice.

She’ll start with making sure you realize that there is no going back to normal, but we are collectively entering a ’new normal’. In this virtual event, you’ll learn that there are 5 stages of loss that can be applied to the loss of routine, the loss of the way things were the loss of gathering and seeing people in person without precaution. You will also learn the number one key strategy to keeping you, your partners, and your team engaged during this transition period called ‘re-entry’.

Please submit any questions ahead of time to so she can address your specific concerns live on May 28th.

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