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Dental Business Growth Series

Presented by Dr. Nate Jeal & Dr. Bao-tran Nguyen

Drs. Jeal & Nguyen, founders of Fast Growth Dental, a marketing and consulting company for the dental industry are creators of systems used by hundreds of
dentists, including the original 100,000K Invisalign Day Formula, The Conversion Questions, and The Question- Based Conversion Marketing Method.

Experts in applied marketing and conversion, they built their own multi-location practice around the principles they teach. The Dental Business Webinar Series serves as a valuable resource for dentists seeking to learn about marketing and practice growth in the modern digital era.

Training Your Treatment Coordinator Part 2: Uncovering Value For Dental Solutions

Date: July 11, 2024

In this information-packed session you will learn the immense value of our question based approach that easily identifies buyers and non-buyers, while guiding patients to make informed decisions about their treatment.

Course Objectives:

● Learn a simple strategy for identifying non-buyers and creating a no-pressure environment

● Learn the key communication techniques to ensure patients understand their treatment plan

● Learn how our question based approach simplifies treatment acceptance and creates happy patients

Training Your Treatment Coordinator Part 3: Talking About Money & Insurance

Date: August 22, 2024

In this not-to-be-missed presentation you will learn how to present treatment plans clearly and handle financial discussions with transparency and confidence. The session will cover objection handling techniques, ensuring treatment coordinators are prepared to address patient concerns and reinforce their commitment to patient care.  

Course Objectives:

● Learn how to best inform patients about their financial obligations and dental benefits

● Learn how to build rapport with empathy, and close cases with confidence

● Understand the key elements in patient decision-making and why maintaining clarity between patients and the front desk is so important

Leadership Mastery Series

Presented by Chad Gibson

Chad Gibson is a Leadership and Business Growth Specialist. Through his internationally acclaimed leadership training and coaching services, Chad specializes in helping businesses, build their high-performance teams, where leadership succeeds, individuals thrive, and organizations grow.

Chad is a former executive of three international companies; Forbes has recognized him as one of the Top 1% of business consultants in the US; he has designed and delivered team workshops for over 100 companies, and over 10,000 individual business leaders.

His clients include: Disney, the NBA, Microsoft, and lululemon.

Chad is a founding member of the Aurum Academy at the Aurum Group whose purpose is to:

Empower Excellence in Dentistry.


Mastering Team Dynamics

July 9, 2024 @ 7pm MST

Optimize your business success with our Mastering Team Dynamics webinar
tailored for dental practice leaders and service team members.
Learn the strategies and techniques of world-class leaders to cultivate a
motivated and productive team.

Team Buy-In: Discover the five steps for achieving exceptional results.
Avoiding Launch Mistakes: Sidestep common pitfalls when introducing new plans for seamless implementation.
Building Team Momentum: Gain practical tips to create and sustain team momentum, fostering a motivated workforce.

Igniting Service Excellence

August 27, 2024 @ 7pm MST

Embark on a journey to excellence with our masterclass, “Igniting Service Excellence.”

Tailored for practice leaders and team members, discover the transformative power of leading with a Service-First Mindset to elevate satisfaction and drive sustained profitability.

  • Uncover the proven strategies employed by the world’s best
    customer service companies.
  • Identify pivotal points in the customer experience with a practical
    6-step system essential for ensuring satisfaction.
  • Equip your team for success by seamlessly introducing the
    Service-First Mindset through effective templates and handouts.

Breakthrough Productivity

September 24, 2024 @ 7pm MST

Are you struggling to stay focused and productive in your dental practice? Do you feel like you’re always playing catch-up, struggling to keep up with your to-do list, and never quite getting ahead? If so, you’re not alone.

Many dentists and business owners struggle with productivity, but the good news is that it’s a skill you can learn and master with the right mindset, practices, and habits.

  • How to debunk common myths about productivity.
  • Learn the true essence of high performing leaders.
  • Discover 15 practices to turbocharge your productivity.

Implants Monthly Series

Presented by Dr. Leo Yang

Dr. Leo Yang, DDS maintains a private practice in Mill Valley, California. He is committed to giving his patients the best quality care by using digital technology to enhance precision, predictability and patient comfort. Dr. Yang received his DDS degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and additional training and experience through the Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program at the University of California, San Francisco and is a fellow with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), and a Clinical Advisory Board member for RODO Medical, Inc.

Leo Yang Image

Pioneering 4D Dentistry - ModJaw from The Aurum Group

Presented by Dr. Ouassim Salmi

Dr. Ouassim Salmi, currently the manager of the clinical team at Modjaw. I embarked on my journey into digital dentistry after graduating from dental school in 2017. Seeking to deepen my expertise, I relocated to Paris for a two-year health engineering and digital dentistry program. In 2019, digital dentistry brought ne to meet Dr. Maxime Jaisson and Antoine Rodrigue, the co-founders of Modjaw. Enthralled by their vision, and the believe of the future of dynamic dentistry in the daily work, I eagerly joined the adventure, driven by a passion to contribute to a remarkable dental project.

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