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After the curve…then what?

Discussions about getting back to work are now happening, but there hasn’t been any definitive or consistent guidance nationally of what that will look like. How Dental offices use the coming days & weeks to plan the initial period ahead will be decisive. Significant changes will be required to open your doors, and as we adapt to those immediate challenges, we will no doubt find ourselves having to shift gears to new realities as they present themselves in the coming months. Having to close your operatory for 3 hours after a restorative procedure is not feasible long-term; on-site rapid testing in dental offices is not off the table. The coming months will be fluid and unpredictable.

As we define our new ways of working, it will be essential that the messaging to your patients is thoughtful and effective, based on common guidelines grounded on the shared principles of safety and well-being. Patients are going to have loads of questions and concerns, we know that…it will be how we address and manage those emotions moving forward that will determine our success.

It’s clear there are 2 competing interests at play here: Getting back to work, getting the economy into a recovery mode, and mitigating against another wave.

During this webinar, Bob will provide some brass tack steps of what to do now in the way of preparedness, how to prepare for the unexpected coming months, and adopting an entirely new mindset during these uncertain times.

Bring a pen & paper, you’ll be getting some homework…and prepare to have some fun along the way!

Bob Hope – President – Timeshift Solutions
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