How to differentiate yourself in a crowded playing field – redefining the definition of early orthodontic care.

Presented by Dr. Murray Knebel

Date: March 20, 2024

Time: 5:30pm

Location: Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Calgary


This workshop will help doctors learn how to build trust with their clients by diagnosing and recognizing airway and developmental issues in young children, teens and adults.

How do we turn the “simple recall appointment “ or happy visit into something more than a ride in the chair and a search for decay?

Learn how to diagnose and treat common development issues in children.

Learn how to start a journey that will differentiate yourself in the dental community as well as in a larger group practice with numerous dentists.

How do we help a child develop with their facial and jaw bones in the right place?

Where do those gummy smiles and adult crossbites come from?

Is thumb-sucking bad? At what age should it stop? When to get off a pacifier.

Learn how to recognize tongue and lip ties, an improper swallow, and mouth breathing.

What age do we start treatment? 7? 13? As an adult? Or as young as 3?

If we miss seeing them early, what can we do with our adult patients to help them with their grinding, snoring, and possible apnea?  Is it already too late?



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