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Lost that Lovin’ feeling? Success is all about relationships

Simply Powerful and Powerfully Simple tools to transform your practice, your team and your life.

When we understand others, we can guide our conversations and build a culture of trust. Drawing from 30+ years of small business and clinical dentistry experience, Dr. Larry Stanleigh brings humor, story-telling and real-life examples to this interactive, fast-paced presentation. Learn how to communicate more effectively through an understanding of basic personality types. Discover how and where to apply this knowledge to build trust and improve patient and team experiences from our marketing to the waiting room to the operatory.

Consistency leads to trust. Trust leads to treatment plan acceptance. Through an understanding of ourselves/each other and responding with kindness and respect, we can develop a team of self-directed leaders, nourish a flourishing practice, and cultivate a culture of success while increasing the quality of patient care.

Dr. Larry Stanleigh
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