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PLEASE NOTE: Recorded webinars and sessions are not applicable for CE credits.

One Appointment Dentures – Blueprint for Success

This first course in the webinar series will strive to provide a blueprint for dentists to start implementing dentures in their practice. We will go over step by step guides to incorporating complete dentures, immediate dentures and partial dentures into your practice. We will discuss case selection, setting patient expectations and delivery of digital dentures. Dr Bertsch will go through cases he has done and learn from in an experienced-based lecture that hopes to inspire more dentists to expand their practice into dentures.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Scanning techniques and how to capture all the details required.
  2. Creating an exact duplicate of an existing denture
  3. Replicating an existing denture with a reline and border molding.
  4. Scanning for immediate dentures with a start-to-finish guide results in the final denture’s delivery.
  5.  The benefits of digital dentures in the customization process for creating a smile the patient loves
  6.  Troubleshooting to identify issues with the patient’s current denture and how to solve them as well as adjustments after delivery
Chris Bertsch image
 Born and raised in Saskatoon, Chris enjoyed his time at the University of Saskatchewan while completing degrees in physiology, finance and dentistry.

While in the College of Dentistry, he was quick to get involved. Christopher was the Social Representative and an active member of the student council. Christopher is also a founding member of the first student-run dental clinic in Saskatoon, DIRECT Dental.

Christopher enjoys practicing in all areas of general dentistry and strives to make patients feel comfortable and taken care of. He takes a particular interest in using dentures to restore function and aesthetics to patients’ smiles.

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