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Staying Front-Row Positive in a Balcony-Negative World

Managing yourself and others during this challenging time has been described as handling a loss… a loss of normalcy, loss of routine, and for many a loss of revenue. So what can you do? Hall of fame business speaker Marilyn Sherman will shed some light on what you can do to be resilient and put on an Armour of optimism during these trying times.

Hall of Fame business keynote speaker Marilyn Sherman delivers high content to associations, direct sales, and corporate audiences with strategies to get people out of their comfort zone and achiever better results. With inspiring stories backed with proven methods, audiences log off with immediate take-home value. Her “Front-Row Success” keynote reminds people to change their seat to change their life. No more settling for balcony seats or general admission sections. It’s time to join other high-performers in the front-row. Marilyn is the author of four motivational books on success. In addition, holds the highest earned designation in the speaking profession, the Certified Speaking Professional or CSP. More impressively, she has recently been inducted to the National Speaker’s Association Speaker Hall of Fame. She is one of only 185 people in the world who are in the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

Marilyn Sherman aurum speaker series
Marilyn Sherman

Professional Motivational Keynote Speaker Marilyn Sherman has been motivating audiences to live their life with more optimism and hope since 1993. She helps people get out of their comfort zone, live life in the front-row, and cross things off of their bucket lists!

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