In a single visit, visualize and record your patient’s real-time movements and share the data with The Aurum Group –  the distributor of MODJAW in North America*.
Use outstanding TWIM™ software features:
› Visualization in 3D and 4D
› Dynamic mapping of dental contacts and occlusal curve
› Selection of mandibular sequences and positions
› Access to graphs in a frontal, sagittal and axial view
› Cutview display
› OVD shift™
› Add segmented CBCT as an additional model
› Add face-scan and 2D photos as additional models


A New Generation of Clinical Protocols Using Jaw Morphodynamics™

The combined set of static and dynamic data unlocks:
› Patient evaluation
› New Monitoring capability
› Treatment customization


The Smilit mandibular tracker bonds to the mandibular arch with provided forks using temporary bonding material.  The Smilit allows the software to track the patient's mandibular movements during excursion, chewing, and speaking - in real time. 


The adjustable tiara fits over the crown of the patients head and rest on the bridge of the nose providing an accurate position of all anatomical markers.


During the setup process, after marking the patient's condyles in front of each ear and the upper lip midpoint with a marker, simply hold the pointed end of the Tally to the marked position, and follow the onscreen prompts in order to capture the position accurately.


Equipped with a tiltable touch screen monitor, rotating arms, powerful internal computer, and HD medical grade camera, the scanning unit can be used in any office setup.


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