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Proven Smile: The Emotional Side of Discovery

When patients have the opportunity to wear their new smile before they undergo any treatment, it takes the fear of not knowing away. The apprehension of wasting money or making things look worse is gone.

This presentation will teach doctors and team to use a digital workflow combined with cutting edge technology to take the science out of the conversation and connect with their patients’ emotional needs. Once trained, it is a simple and streamlined approach that will lead patients to co-author their smile and will allow doctors to provide more comprehensive care.

This is a team and doctor event!

Required chair side time is team dominated so doctors will learn to empower their team to use existing digital equipment within the office that will create this communication platform.

Performing a Smile Trial for a patient is fun and exciting for the team and emotional for the patients as they will be able to watch themselves wear their smile potential. It eliminates confusion in expectations and simplifies science and procedural needs by focusing on the emotional value of an uninhibited gorgeous smile.

Tampa Bay, FL
February 9, 2023
9am – 3pm ET

Dallas, TX
February 10, 2023
9am – 3pm ET

Boston, MA
March 17, 2023
9am – 3pm ET 

Dr. Pam Marzban


Dr. Pamela Marzban’s over 20-year dental career has been one of continual learning, both for herself and her team. Her extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, digital smile design, sleep and airway dentistry and physiologic TMJ rehabilitation has made her a craniofacial and smile design expert.

She is an international speaker on dental technology, the business side of dentistry and communication. She is the published author of “Craniofacial Development: from infancy to adult ” and writes for the Academy of General Dentistry and Washingtonian Magazine. Her clinical work with TMD rehabilitation and full mouth rehabilitation has been recognized and awarded internationally. Her complex aesthetic full mouth rehabilitation cases have been published in industry journals. She is in private practice, works in the Department of General Dentistry at VCU, serves as a VDA delegate and is on the Board of Regents of ICCMO.

I will stop talking in the third person and just say…I live and breath comprehensive physiologic cosmetic dentistry and enjoy sharing my knowledge with my profession!

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