Aurum Cristal Veneers

Our Crown & Bridge Products:

For striking esthetics with minimal tooth reduction, look no further than Aurum Ceramic®/Classic’s exclusive ultra conservative Cristal Veneers®!

Based on your precise preparations, they can be as thin as .3mm, yet once bonded in place, they more than meet your exact requirements in terms of strength, fit and function.

Our experienced and talented veneering specialists have perfected unique techniques that allow for subtle changes in customized contour, fit or shade. With a full palette of shades available, Aurum Cristal Veneers® are more resistant to staining and colour changes found with traditional, thin feldspathic materials.

• All the benefits of Pressed Ceramics — with minimal preparation.

• Brilliant smiles – outstanding flexibility.

• Lets the natural beauty of patient’s teeth shine through.

• Adhesively bonded to tooth structure.

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