Aurum Proven SmileTM


The Aurum Proven Smile gives you the ability to improve patient and laboratory communication, and ultimately, increase treatment conversion. 

This is accomplished through an intuitive, guided clinical approach that creates an individualized smile design for each patient, dramatically improving patient engagement and treatment outcomes. Start test driving smiles in your dental practice today and provide the ultimate patient experience by demonstrating the infinite power of a life-changing smile. 

Visit #1

To assist our Smile Designers with creating a one-of-a-kind smile specifically created for your patient, we will need 3 photos and a quick 30 second video to capture the facial expressions.

The video is used to illustrate the patient’s facial features in motion. It’s best to ask questions that make your patient laugh and smile.

Upper and lower impressions, a bite registration and an Rx that indicates the proposed treatment plan.

Visit #2

1. Repeat the before video, before you place the temporary material in the matrix.

2. Add the temporary material to the matrix and then let set in the patients mouth for the indicated period of time.

3. Take several ‘fun’ after photos that showcase the patient’s new smile to be included in the final patient presentation.

4. Record the after video while the patient is wearing the Aurum Proven Smile.

Proven Smile Reveal

Create a quick presentation that shows the patient their before and after videos and photos.

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Dr Duncan Brown graduated from the Universty of Toronto in 1975 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and became a Specialist in Orthodontics in 1978. Dr Brown is an associate clinical professor at the University of Alberta, and served as a guest lecturer at University of Manitoba, University of British Columbia and University of Western Ontario.  Dr Brown is co-author of “The Protocol”, a broadly circulated publication on the subject of passive self-ligation.

Dr Michael Major is the director of the Inter-disciplinarily Airway Research Clinic, a 10-year collaboration between the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the University of Alberta School of Dentistry. Dr Major holds an academic appointment with the University of Alberta as an active researcher in pediatric sleep, serves as co-president of Alberta Dental Sleep Medicine study club, and was a contributing member of the CDSA’s committee for developing guidelines for dental management of sleep disordered breathing.

Dr Major is a certified specialist in Orthodontics and a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada (FRCD-c). After graduating dentistry training from Boston University (DMD 2009),  he completed a post-doctoral residency in dental management of medically complex patients at the University of British Columbia (GPR 2010), and a graduate residency specializing in Orthodontics at University of Alberta (MSc 2013).

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