AurumTek™ by Nexus iOS

AurumTek™ by Nexus iOS

Conventional protocols can take up to five patient visits. AurumTek by NEXUS iOS takes only two.

Less chair time, less discomfort and accurate results.
AurumTek by NEXUS iOS offers a better alternative that results in an expertly engineered, industry-leading final prosthesis.

How it Works

Scan Gauges allow for the capture of accurate intraoral scans that are used to create precise digital full-arch implant impressions.
No physical modeling needed. Compatible with all popular new and existing IO scanners, with a full suite of support offerings.


Lifelike Overlays

Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Scan Gauges

I've completed over 30 cases with Nexus iOS and the workflow is so seamless and smooth. The product looks great - and I can throw it in from across the room and it seats right in - effortlessly.
Dr. Curtis Jansen
Monterey, CA

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