Digital Dentures

Deliver your patients a superior fitting denture, in as little as two appointments.

Have you ever had a patient who enjoyed taking a conventional impression? How about taking multiple impressions? Did a patient lose their denture and now you have to start from scratch? Ever had an alginate or PVS impression ruined?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, it’s time to seriously consider switching to a digital workflow, and Digital Dentures. 

With today’s intraoral scanning and digital design technology, your patients will thank you for the quick and easy process.  Delivering a final digital denture can happen in as little as two patient visits. 

Milled Dentures


• Milled base has highest aesthetics

• Milled teeth provide a good balance of aesthetics, function, and price
• Customizable – can be used for most patient indications

• Teeth can be monochromatic or multi-layered


• Materials tend to be more expensive, reflecting overall price
• Constrained by sized: ~90% of patients are eligible, with 10% ineligible

Analog & Digital Workflow

Whether you’ve invested in an intraoral scanner or you’re still thinking about it, we can create a Digital Denture for you right now. 

We’ll convert traditional dentures to a digitally manufactured product. We take your conventional analog impression and digitize it using a 3D scanner. You’ll always have a digital file of the denture for reference. If the patient loses theirs, or damages it – we can product an exact copy instantly. 

Using digital design software also allows for seamless integration between clinician and technician through every step of the design process. 

Thinking about going digital? You should see our latest offers on intra-oral scanners.

3D Printed Dentures

  • Pros

• More economical pricing

• Customizable with no size restraints
• Can be used for every patient indication


• Weaker base than milled

• Aesthetics are limited compared to milled

• Weaker wear resistance for teeth

• If used, printed teeth are monochromatic


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