Lucitone 3D Printed Dentures


Early 3D printed denture systems compromised strength, esthetics, and tooth durability. The process to prepare the material, wash, and finish could require significant time and technician skill.

Lucitone Digital Print Dentures let you have it all. High impact material, body activated material, IPN durability.


• Saves time by reducing the amount of appointments needed

• Improved accuracy and consistency

• Digital records are easy to store so duplication is easy without having to start from scratch

Lucitone Digital Print™ Resin

Material to print final denture base design

• Optimized for Carbon® M-Series Printers

• Designed with True Color Technology for consistent shade results ­

• No mixing or measuring required – just pour & print

• Easy to polish and bring to a luster

• 5 Lucitone Shades: Original, Original Opaque, Light, Light Reddish Pink and Dark Reddish Pink

Lucitone Digital Try-In™ 3D Trial Placement Resin

Material to print Try-In device for fit and occlusion

• Easy-to-print monolithic material – fast & simple

• Important workflow step to verify design and function

• 6 shades: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and BL3

IPN 3D™ Digital Denture Teeth

Designed for printed denture designs
Inspired by Portrait®

• Pre-configured and pre-occluded libraries for quick design

• Libraries include combinations for both balanced and lingualized set-ups

• Smart assortment meets > 80% of patient needs

• Designed for precision mounting

• Unique position locator system enables plug-n-play assembly

• Simplified process for efficiency and reliability

• Permits new and experienced technicians to set-up with accuracy

• Packaged in innovative and time-saving “wax-free” cards

• 14 anterior and 12 posterior moulds

• 16 A-D shade designations*, BL1 and BL3

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