NaturalFit™ Removable Orthotic

NaturalFit™ Removable Orthotic

The perfect solution for the long-term treatment of your patients’ TMJ disorder symptoms and/or to restore an optimal bite, the Aurum Group’s exclusive new NaturalFit™ Anatomical Orthotic can be worn effectively for up to twelve months. Even better, it is fabricated from hypoallergenic acetyl resin for outstanding biocompatibility. That also makes it a great treatment alternative for patients with monomer allergies.


• Take your patients for a “BITE TEST DRIVE”. Utilizes anatomical occlusal design to maintain patient’ s optimal mandibular position.

• Light weight. Computer designed and milled for incredible accuracy .

• High tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance, hardness and very low moisture absorption.

• High colour stability. Polishes to smooth finish.


Full arch, upper & lower impressions, either digital or PVS/VPS

(Please no alginate or alginate substitute.)

Milled or printed models from digital scan are acceptable

VDO opening bite of minimum 2-3mm (depending on occlusal incline depth).

It can be a bite of your choice. – Desired Shade


WE RECOMMEND THE FOLLOWING: 1. 3 Intraoral measurements CEJ to CEJ, anterior, posterior right, posterior left (please indicate tooth numbers)

2. Photos (AACD Series)

AVAILABLE SHADES* Bleach (Very white) A1, B1, A2, A3.5 *

It is important to note that this is a long term stabilizing bite repositioning appliance and not to be considered for esthetic use.

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