NaturalLook Dentures

Our Denture Products:

Give your patients a life-like, confident "NaturalLook® Smile".

Every NaturalLook® denture takes into account the subtle variations of natural dentition and contours of natural tissue that make each patient unique. They accurately capture the patient’s “personality” (age, sex, skin tone, facial features), smile lines, buccal corridors and embrasures. Every NaturalLook® full or partial denture or cast partial is constructed using your preferred Ivoclar or Dentsply teeth and processed using SR-Ivocap “Plus” High Impact material. 

Combining heat and pressure polymerization with continuous injection, NaturalLook® Dentures have no pressure points, raised bites or microporosities. If desired, your full or partial denture can be done using the Accu-Liner technique resulting in absolutely correct occlusal plane and incisal length. And, bite rims taken on the Accu-Liner are much easier as when the occlusal plane and incisal length are correct, only a simple bite is required.

Sports-Flex® "Super"

Offers outstanding protection for football, rugby, martial arts, ice and street hockey, ringette, lacrosse and other high contact sports.

Constructed using three layers of injection-molded vinyl.

Hardened centre layer for extra protection.

Sports-Flex® "Regular"

Intended for use while participating in moderate contact activities such as racquetball or squash, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, rollerblading, mountain biking, and skateboarding.

Features two layers of injection-molded vinyl.

Pro-Form® "Multi-Purpose"

The perfect choice for a wide variety of athletic activity and contact levels.

Constructed from bonded sheets of injection-molded, cross-woven vinyl (provides extra strength and resistance to distortion).

Note: An Optional Helmet Strap is also available for fastening mouthguards to football face-guards, hockey helmets, etc.

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