Night Time Appliance

The whole house will sleep better.

3D Printed for precision. Finished by hand for comfort. Fitting comfortably in the mouth, it will advance the lower jaw slightly forward, helping to prevent the tongue and soft tissues from restricting the airway. The device can treat both sleep apnea symptoms and snoring.

  • Based on your STL files (or send us your models to scan).
  • Printed using FDA/Health Canada bio compatible material.
  • Custom set-titration levels based on treatment parameters.
  • Fabricated using  a printable material that is both resilient and easy to wear.
  • Appliance is thermal activated, making insertion and removal easier on the patient.

Digital Workflow

Each Night Time Appliance is digitally designed and 3D printed for precision. 

Our skilled technicians finish the appliance by hand to ensure fit and comfort.

Made for YOUR Patient

Using the digital workflow, we can ensure the suitable protrusive relation of each appliance to suit the patient’s treatment requirements.

If your patient’s appliance needs adjustment, we can reproduce the appliance with given alterations without having to rescan or reimpress the patient.

Turnaround times are quick – getting your patient back to a sound rest, and you back to more patients.

Made in North America

All of our appliances are made right here in North America. 

We use only materials approved by Health Canada and the USA Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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