Procera Zirconia

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This high strength, all-ceramic restoration combines translucent, metal-free esthetics with increased flexural strength, biocompatiblity and precision fit. The Procera® coping has the ability to transmit light without becoming transparent. When combined with Procera® AllCeram porcelain, these remarkable esthetic characteristics provide a vital natural beauty and perfect shade blending. Dark or discoloured margins are eliminated. Procera® AllCeram is also ideal for covering gold or metal posts.

Milled directly on the die using CAD/CAM technology, porosity and distortions are eliminated. Densely sintered Zirconia oxide coping offers a biaxial strength (1121 MPa) far exceeding its milled competition (930 MPa) or Alumina (687 MPa). High initial strength helps prevent cracks, fatigue, stress and corrosion.

  • First universally recommended all-ceramic crown for both anterior and posterior applications.
  • Only basic chamfer preparation and traditional PFM cementation required.
  • Low abrasion porcelain is specially adapted to the coping’s translucence and fluorescence.
  • Allows light to pass through but won’t show grey from posts or amalgams.

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