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Final Retention Appliances from Space Maintainers – The Perfect Way To Preserve That Outstanding Final Result

Why Final Retention Appliances?

Research shows most treated cases are dynamic and constantly changing – at least through the third and fourth decade… and often through life! Retention Appliances maintain the esthetics and function you have so carefully achieved through orthodontic therapy.

Why Space Maintainers For Your Retention Appliances?

Space Maintainers offers the industry’s widest range of exceptional final retention
appliances, created with the finest quality materials. Each appliance carefully matched to individual patient needs, comfortable and easy to maintain, inconspicuous and aesthetically sound. We’re always ready to help with these popular designs – and many more – or to take on your special or custom requirements.

Essix Retainer

Perfect for the extremely appearance conscious patient. Covers the entire arch (buccal, labial and lingual surfaces and extending onto the gingival tissue). Material’s light-reflecting properties makes teeth appear brilliant when retainer in place.

Spring Hawley

Correct crowding of lower anteriors (of 1.5 mm or less) in combination with recontouring interproximal contact of each tooth from cuspid to cuspid. Useful in correcting minor rotations of lower and upper teeth. Can be worn as final retainer.

E-Z Bond Retainer 

Delivers precise control and consistent results. Retention wire is preformed to patient’s dental anatomy and then bonded to each individual tooth with indirect matrix and composite. Helps prevent tooth rotation.

Hawley Labial Retainer

Passively retains teeth in their new position following orthodontic treatment, labial arch wire creates added retention. Generally embraces 6 anterior teeth and joins acrylic between canine and first premolar. Numerous design modifications available.

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