Reverse Margin™

Introducing the Reverse Margin™ System

Patented design makes implant treatment safer, faster, easier by mitigating root causes of treatment complications.

Unlike the current Screw-in technique, you are now able to consistently optimize the implant abutment fit. You have also avoided the need to leave your patient with a plastic screw hole access cover, that may require maintenance.

Unlike the current cement-in technique, you have prevented cement from going past your abutment margin and have prevented the occurrence of overhanging, overextended and open margins. Indeed, you have improved access to the margin area of your prosthesis for monitoring and maintenance.

Both you and your patients have more to smile about, as you have reduced their risk factors for complications. Preventing complications will save them from unnecessary expensive and uncomfortable experiences and will save you from dealing with difficult to correct problems.

Step one:

Use the Reverse Margin Healing Abutment to shape the transgingival access to the implant.

Step two:

Use the Reverse Margin Final Abutment to fit that shape and mitigate the root causes of treatment complications.

Step three:

Install The Reverse Margin Crown to complement step two.

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