Simplus+ 3D Dentures

Dawn of a New Era

Where innovation meets artistry and digital technology transforms smiles.

Grow Your Revenue With Simplus 3D Dentures

Increase your revenue by $117,000 in as little as one hour a week.

Simplus 3D Dentures are a marvel of modern digital technology that offer you and your patients significant advantages over traditional dentures including…

• A Simplified Clinical Procedure

• Breakthrough Digital Fabrication Process

  • wash impressions
  • bite
  • scan impressed dentures
  • transmit files and instructions to the Aurum Group
Slmplus+3D Denture are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art digital technology.

• Advanced Materials

• Fewer Appointments

The Simplus+3D Denture is made from breakthrough materials, raising the industry standard for denture strength and durability.

Instead of six or more appointments, you can deliver a Simplus+3D Denture to your patient in as little as two or three appointments.

• A Digital Record

• : An Industry Leading Warranty

The digital fabrication process of a Simplus+3D Denture, creates a digital record for easy replacement should your patient break or lose their denture.
Simplus +3D Products come with one of the best guarantees in the lab business. 2-year, no questions asked replacement warranty!

Here is what leading dentists are saying about Simplus 3D Dentures

The Simplus +3D Family of Removable Prosthetics

The Aurum Advantage • Resources To Help You Succeed!

• Practice Building Materials

To support you in your Simplus +3D Denture efforts we have created several practice building materials from patient brochures to website videos.

• Clinical Training

We are pleased to offer you an array of training options including Webinars, web-site based presentations and Work Flow Videos. For more information contact your Aurum representative
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