Grow Your Revenue with Simplus Dentures

Simplus dentures require no prior experience and are simple to use, providing dentists with an easy way to grow revenue and improve patient satisfaction.

Why Doctors Choose Simplus

No Experience Needed

Simplus is designed to be easy to use, even for dentists who have no prior experience with dentures. Adding Simplus is as simple as 123 and we provide all the training and technical support you need.

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Revenue Potential

Simplus is not just a product, it’s a solution that makes it easy to offer denture services. With Simplus you can increase your revenue by $117,000 in as little as one hour a week.                                                 

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Patient Satisfaction

Simplus is not a typical over-the-counter product, it is a prescription device that is custom-made for each individual patient. The digital precise fit ensures that the dentures fit comfortably and securely, providing a natural look and feel, ensuring that your patients will be able to enjoy their dentures and give you more positive business reviews.

applying denture bonding
suring denture teeth and matrix
Denture smoothing with rotor
buffing denture
denture polishing

Why Patients Love Simplus

Fewer Appointments

Patients value the convenience and time-saving aspect of fewer appointments with Simplus. The efficient workflow and precision fit means that patients spend less time in the chair for impressions, adjustments, or replacements. This not only saves patients time, but also reduces the stress and inconvenience often associated with frequent dental appointments.

Comfort and Fit

Patients love Simplus dentures for their comfortable and secure fit. Since they are custom-made, they fit precisely and comfortably in their mouths. With Simplus, your patients can enjoy a natural-feeling bite and speak with confidence, without the worry of ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures.

Easily Replaced

Patients appreciate the peace of mind that comes with easily replaceable Simplus dentures. If a Simplus denture is lost or broken, it can be quickly and easily replaced, minimizing the time and inconvenience for the patient.

How Simplus Works

Simplus is so easy to use that even dentists without ANY experience with dentures are finding success.

All you need to do is scan the patients mouth to get a digital impression, then, send the file to us. We will then manufacture the denture and have it shipped back to you. The next step will be to fit the denture into the patient’s mouth.


Scan Patient for Denture


Send file to Aurum Lab


Receive Denture from Aurum

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