Social Smilers™

Prepare your smile for when the masks come off.

Social Smilers by Aurum – an accessible alternative to other name brands of clear tray smile movement systems. 

Bring your patient’s smile to life, and not to the bank. 

You smile, we smile. 


Using digital intraoral scanning technology, the patient’s mouth is input into planning software.

Working with local orthodontists, the teeth movements are approved by the submitting Dentist. 

Once all tooth movements are approved, they are processed in the lab. 

Models of each tooth movement are 3d printed for precision. 


Each digitally printed 3D model of the patient’s mouth is then fit with bio-compatible clear acrylic trays. 

Using a vacuum heat seal, the trays or “aligners” are vacuum formed to the models creating a fit that’s non-invasive and comfortable in the patient’s mouth. 

Finished by hand, all edges and rough surfaces are polished to perfection. Wearing the trays is non-invasive and the superior fit means no-one is the wiser to the patient’s treatment. 


The treatment plan, and thus tooth movements, are different for everyone. 

The “Social Six” or the 6 anterior teeth, are the most common teeth to move.  On average we see the full transformation occur in 7-9 sets of Social Smilers for both maxillary and mandibular arches.  

The patient wears each set for approximately 14 days, or until the trays have a passive fit. 

The result is a smile the patient is proud of, and ready for when the masks come off. 

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