Sports-Flex® PRO Mouthguards

Give your patients better balance, a longer golf drive, improved endurance and cut seconds off their best times with Sports-Flex® PRO Mouthguards – exclusively from Space Maintainers. Naturally aligning the athletes jaw in the appropriate position for optimal airway patency and oxygen delivery, the Sports-Flex® PRO offers far more than just protection. It is individually custom designed for those who want to excel!

Energize Your Patients’ Performance!

  • Based on over 40 years of neuromuscular research.
  • Applies any specialized bite supplied by the neuromuscularly trained clinician along with sophisticated TENS and K7 technology to uncover and utilize the optimized position of the lower jaw.
  • Optimized jaw position has been shown to provide improvements in areas vital to athletic performance.

Two Versions Available!

Featured Product

Sports-Flex® PRO Contact (for use on upper dentition in full-contact sports)

Helps to reduce forces that may cause concussions, neck injuries and jaw fractures.

Designed to also function as a protective guard for the upper teeth.

Indicated for full contact sports (football, basketball, boxing, hockey, skiing, biking, MMA) where heavy contact or falls are a possibility.

Sports-Flex® PRO Non-Contact (for use on lower teeth in non or light-contact sports)

Indicated for non- or light-contact activities that normally don’t use mouthguards (such as golf, soccer, running and training situations).

Does not function as a protective device.

Wide Variety of Applications

Precision fit and customized for the individual patient.

Equally applicable to the professional/collegiate athlete or serious “week-end warrior”.

Covers the full range of contact/non-contact sports and training activities.

Regular line of Sports-Flex® mouthguards also available for normal tooth protection.

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