Virginia Partial

In cases where there are only a few natural teeth remaining, the stresses from use of metal clasps or precision attachments for positioning and retaining partial dentures, in combination with ongoing bone and tissue resorption and greatly reduced propriosensitivity, can lead to the loss of weak or questionable dentition, hastening the ultimate necessity for full dentures. 

The Virginia Partial™ features a unique combination of hard acrylic base fused with a soft retainer made of elastic material. The hard acrylic buccal and lingual flanges hold required denture teeth while a portion of buccal flange is replaced with a band of soft silicone material. Slightly elongated openings in this soft band receive at least two successive existing teeth retaining the partial by employing natural undercuts in remaining teeth or vestibule. This elastomeric band gently restores function by stretching over buccal of teeth without undue pressure while offering tremendous improvement in comfort, fit and bite. Tissue-borne solution cushions and splints remaining natural teeth from solid impact. Improves prognosis for loose, mobile, isolated, elongated or periodontally involved dentition.

  • Restores beautiful, natural-looking gum line to patients suffering from severe periodontal resorption.
  • Postpones unnecessary tooth loss.
  • Cast clasps and rests can also be incorporated.
  • Ideal substitute for many comparable partials with clasps or precision attachments.
  • Allows conversion of standard wrought wire prostheses.
  • Flexes affording torque during mastication.
  • Tensile strength of material ensures long-term retention even after repeated daily insertion and removal.
  • Provides cross-arch stabilization in previously hard to achieve instances.

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