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RODO Medical and The Aurum Group enter into Joint Venture Agreement to Build RODO Digital Prosthetics in the U.S. and Distribution Agreement in Canada

RODO Medical and The Aurum Group have entered into a strategic partnership to launch Rodo Digital Prosthetics (RDP) in the U.S. RDP will be a new dental laboratory combining RODO’s proprietary technologies with Aurum’s Core3dcentres.

Core3dcentres is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aurum and is a market leader in digitally enhanced manufacturing and servicing of dental protheses. Mike Girard, who currently serves as President of Aurum will also serve as President of RDP. Mr. Girard has over 40 years of experience launching and building successful digital companies in dentistry including Nobel Procura, Brontes Technologies (which was acquired by 3M) and Diadem Precision Technologies (acquired by Ivoclar).

Under Mr. Girard’s leadership, RDP will combine proprietary innovation and capabilities from each company to offer dentists digitally enhanced prosthetic solutions SmileLoc®, SmileClip® and SmileKey®. Specifically, the SmileClip solution will close the gap between traditional denture and implant-fixed denture while providing an affordable treatment option to over 35 million edentulous people in North America.  RODO products will be available in 2022 to select RODO users and Aurum customers.

In addition, both companies have agreed to a limited exclusive distribution agreement in Canada.  As the largest dental laboratory group in Canada, Aurum will be able to service RODO’s Smileloc and Smileclip restorations for their customers from single crown to full mouth with their quality prostheses across the country. Now dentists can entrust all their prosthetic needs to Aurum, whether they are traditional restorations or RODO restorations, and focus more on growing their practice with the most innovative and quality prosthetic solutions at affordable pricing.

Aurum Group’s CEO Mark Maier commented: “We are extremely proud to welcome RODO as our strategic partner across North America and look forward to integrating their highly innovative and unique technology into our offerings to provide our customers with complete integrated prosthetic solutions. RODO’s proprietary product suite dramatically improves the quality of patient care, reduces the risk of perio-implatitis, improves prosthetic integrity & retrievability all while improving clinical efficiency. Together, RODO and Aurum are positioned to address a tremendous opportunity for advanced care in the edentulous market.”

Per Aurum President Mike Girard: “I am personally thrilled with this development. I feel blessed to be working with this game-changing new implant technology and with the incredibly talented team associated with this joint venture. Doctors, their staff and- most importantly- their patients, are sure to embrace this new implant technology that reduces office visits, eliminates cement and screw access holes while improving the overall economics! The bottom line, it will make implant treatment more affordable!”

RODO Medical’s CEO Young Seo adds: “We have been developing our innovations for over a decade.  Our proprietary technologies provide solutions to many unmet needs in implant dentistry.  Our products have undergone rigorous testing and improvements over those ten years. We have worked with key experts and prestigious academics to ensure quality. Our products have been proven to be safe and effective in both scientific and clinical settings. As a technology company, we have been seeking a strategic partner that shares our vision to offer dentists quality treatment options at affordable prices so they can focus on patients’ long-term care and growing their practices. I believe this joint venture partnership with Aurum is the first big step toward making quality and innovative solutions available for millions of edentulous people who are very much in need of affordable yet quality implant denture so that they can regain their smile for life.  Because of that, I am excited about this partnership and launching RDP with Aurum in North America.”

About RODO Medical 

RODO Medical is an innovative dental device company dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients and practitioners since 2009.  RODO Medical is a privately held U.S. company located in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) and its products, called Smileloc®, Smileclip® and Smilekey®, are cleared by the FDA 510(k) for marketing in the US, and received marketing clearance in Canada, Europe, and other countries.  RODO Medical holds over 30 patents in the U.S. and other countries, and manufactures and sells, on a worldwide basis, directly in the U.S. and through distributors OUS.  Smileloc® and Smileclip® utilize the shape-memory, nickel-titanium alloy called ‘Nitinol’ to attach crowns or dentures to implant without cement or retaining screws.  Smilekey® utilizes proprietary induction technology and can remove prostheses within a few minutes without grinding cemented crown or digging out screw holes in screw retained denture. RODO Medical’s products dramatically simplifies the conventional process and eliminates the need for cement or screws, which in turn save significant chair-time and number of patient appointments. In addition, hygiene and maintenance visits have become fast and hassle free to enhance the patient experience and long-term care for the patient.

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About Aurum Group

Celebrating 50 years in business in as The Aurum Group in 2021, Aurum is one of the largest laboratory groups in North America and the largest in Canada. In that time, we have become a recognized leader in all aspects of smile design. Our Aurum Group family has grown and evolved from Mr. Hans “Hyo” Maier to a fully diversified dental company with over 450 team members across North America.  While our company’s services and operations have expanded and quickly become the gold standard across many dental industries, our underlying principles, passion and drive have remained constant; we do it For The Love of Smiles™. Proven new technologies and techniques. Innovative applications. Unsurpassed support. Superior value. It all adds up to an unbeatable package of Advanced and Diversified Capabilities that Aurum applies to meet every restorative challenge.

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