How to Send a Digital Case

Instructions on how to connect your IOSystems with us:

You will need to contact iTero Support and ask them to have “Aurum Group Calgary, lab ID 772” added to your list of labs.

Connect to us on the website by entering our email  See attached document below for details.

You can connect to our lab through your Trios scanner or the 3Shape Communicate website using our Trios email .  Another option is to provide us with your Trios email and we can send you an invitation to connect.  You would follow the link in the email invite and approve our connection on the 3Shape Communicate site.

Add Aurum Ceramic (Calgary) to your Cerec/Sirona list of favorite labs.  You can search for us by entering the first three characters of our postal code, “T2S”, on the Sirona Connect site or the Sirona Connect portal linked to your scanner.  Here is a link to the Sirona site that may be helpful: .  Once Aurum Ceramic Calgary has been added you can select us in the Sirona Rx and send the scans. 

Contact your 3M Trudef representative and ask to have Aurum Ceramic – Calgary Lab added to your scanner.  3M Oral Care Technical Support:  1-800-634-2249.  Here is a link that may be helpful: .   

Please follow link and instructions

Any raw unencrypted scan data (typically .stl, .ply or .dcm files):  send these files with instructions/Rx to  by Secure-Health Exchange .  This secure email service is free when you connect with us.  We’ll need the person(s) email who will be handling the communication of these files so that we can send an invite to join the Secure-Health Exchange.  This service is Patient Privacy compliant globally, and can host large files like DICOM, IOS, video, HD photos, etc.

Inviting a Laboratory to be a Partner (Carestream)

Here is a link to CS Connect Online Help:

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