Why Aurum Ceramic?

Not all Laboratories are created equal. It’s the total value that counts!

Experience the pure performance of Aurum Ceramic!

Proven new technologies and techniques. Innovative applications. Unsurpassed support. Superior value. It all adds up to an unbeatable package of Advanced and Diversified Capabilities that Aurum Ceramic applies to meet every restorative challenge. From advanced smile design to exacting full mouth reconstruction; from superbly crafted veneers, inlays, onlays, bridges, dentures, cast partials or implant-based restorations; our specialized Teams in each area of state-of-the-art dentistry have the skills, expertise, experience and technology to deliver outstanding results...on every case... every time.

Consider all we have to offer:

  • The latest innovations and experience from around the world.
  • A simplified process from initial impression to final restoration, appliance or prosthesis.
  • The right material and technique matched to each clinical situation – with unparalleled aesthetics.
  • The widest range of exclusive in-house and leading branded products covering all aspects of state-of-the-art dentistry: Advanced Cosmetic/C&B; Digital dentistry; Implants/implant-based restorations; Denture/Cast partial; Removable orthodontics; Fixed orthodontics; Impression materials and Dental sundries.
  • Made in North America with FDA approved materials.
  • Comprehensive fixed and all-inclusive pricing. No hidden costs. One price, full service.
  • FREE pick-up and delivery – Local and across the country. Express courier both ways.
  • LVI Trained neuromuscular technicians – comprehensive experience and advice on all cases up to full mouth reconstruction.
  • Fixed Price Implant-based Restorations – including all guides and components needed for single crowns, fixed overdentures and removable overdentures.
  • Faster turnaround times you can count on.
  • FREE Rush Services – Always available on demand.
  • Full Restorative Guarantees – Extensive Coverage on everything we do (All-Ceramics, PFM,
  • Implant-based Restorations, Composites, Hybrid Composites, Dentures and Cast Partials).
  • Unsurpassed Implant-based Restoration Warranty – Includes Aurum Ceramic/Classic supplied restoration, abutment, related screws/components and even the implant itself!
  • Extensive CE Support and Practice Building Tools.
How Does Your Lab Measure Up?

Take advantage of our over 50 years of commitment to total service and optimal value.

A History of Excellence - A Future of Innovation

For more than five decades, innovation has been a part of Aurum Ceramic. Today, we continue to look ahead to the future of dental technology through:

  • The latest and best in complete digital technologies for Comprehensive Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry.
  • Unsurpassed solutions from initial impression through to final placement of the restoration or prosthesis.
  • A commitment to simplifying the restorative process while ensuring incredibly beautiful, superbly precise results – every time.

Experience the quality, precision and accuracy of Aurum Ceramic!

Leading the Industry in Technical Proficiency Through Continuing Education

  • 69+ CDT/RDTs
  • 131 Certified PTC Technicians
  • 69 LVI Certified Technicians with 161 LVI Courses Attended

DAMAS Certification - A Proven Dedication to Quality

Aurum Ceramic® is dedicated to quality in everything we do — from mandating that every technician must wear Loops and employ magnification when working at the bench to investing in comprehensive Quality Systems evaluation and compliance. Nowhere is this more evident than in Aurum Ceramic achieving DAMAS and ISO 9001:2000 certification for all of its laboratories across North America. Developed by the Dental Laboratories Association, DAMAS (Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme) is a sophisticated quality management and production system for laboratories. Essentially an independent assessment carried out by an external Certification Body, DAMAS ensures consistent quality and high standards that satisfy Food & Drug Administration requirements for Good Manufacturing Processes. With DAMAS, everyone benefits! The laboratory has reliable quality procedures, improved controls and enhanced traceability...our dentist clients can be confident that Aurum Ceramic is adhering to all regulations relating to labwork and the production of dental appliances...and patients have the reassurance of excellent quality craftsmanship.

Advanced Esthetic (AE) Teams®

As one of North America's leading laboratories in esthetic and restorative dentistry, our Advanced Esthetic (AE) Teams® of Las Vegas Institute-trained specialists put it all together for you. Whether it's Crown & Bridge, Implant or Denture/Cast Partial, they ensure that even your most challenging case proceeds accurately and smoothly. Each Aurum Ceramic AE Team® has perfected unique techniques that create picture-perfect smiles and make your restorations come alive!

Working Closely With You For Optimal Results

Aurum Ceramic®'s commitment to excellence enables us to offer you the product selection, technical expertise and rapid turnaround you would expect from a large state-of-the-art laboratory. Yet, we couple these capabilities with a unique team approach ensuring you receive the consistent experience, customer care and personal attention that is essential to successful cosmetic, crown and bridge, removable prosthetic and orthodontic restorations. We are committed to establishing a successful partnership between you, the dentist, and our laboratory that allows you to consistently deliver enhanced results - meeting your most exacting requirements in terms of esthetics, strength, fit and function.

Outstanding Personal Service

It is our belief that any company must be people-oriented to achieve excellence. Our customer service and technical experts are always available by telephone or fax - TOLL FREE. Pre-paid courier pick up and delivery is available across Canada. Reliable door-to-door service that gets your case to us and back to you in record time.