Send Us Your STL Files or Case Photos
Preparing Your STL Files For Export

Cadent iTero

Doctors may now export generic STL files directly from their MyAligntech* account.

  1. Go to option “Export” on the individual patient “Order Information” page on the MyAligntech online account portal.
  2. This allows users to export OrthocAD files to generic STL files (CAD/CAM standard format).
  3. The open generic STL service is provided for your convenience. When using the file with a third party service provider, the user should contact the third party service provider to ensure STL export type and format selected are compatible with your intended use.
  4. It is always the up to the doctor to decide the treatment plan for the patient.

For detailed instructions and visuals regarding Cadent iTero and the process of exporting .STL files from your MyAligntech account, click here.

OrthoCad - Export Instructions for the iOC Intra-Oral Scanner

For detailed instructions and visuals regarding the process of exporting .STL files from your MyAligntech account for integration with your iOC Intra-Oral Scanner, click here.

Sending Case Photos

Use the convenient Secure-Mail on-line system to send your illustrating photographs on any case to Aurum Ceramic®. Click the lab location you wish to communicate with to open an email window, enter the case details & attach the digital images, and then send!

Secure Mail screenshot

Be sure to include the patient's name and laboratory location.

•    Protects confidentiality of patient information.
•    Works just like e-mail tools you are used to (and with your existing email address)
•    Exchange prescriptions, photos and information securely with specialists, labs and peers.
•    Meets compliance standards in terms of secure connections, encryption of data, back-up access logging and auditability.
•    Attach files up to 500 MB per message.
•    View, annotate and manipulate files.
•    Unlimited Storage.

View your digital records on-screen with Brightsquid Dental Link

Case Photos stored securely on line for easy retrieval and viewing via Brightsquid

•    Highly intuitive software
•    Specific data about the model, patient, etc. displayed.
•    Zooming and panning with full 3D rotation
•    Includes tooth, arch, and various diagnostic measurements.
•    Capture and print any view using the convenient Snapshot Printing function.
•    Integrates seamlessly with most leading dental practice management software systems

Ask us for details on getting Brightsquid and Secure-Mail installed at no charge today!

Typically photo printouts used by the technicians do not require high resolution and correspondingly large file sizes.
PLEASE NOTE: On the other hand, Case Photography being submitted for publication (e.g., in the Aurum Continuum newsletter) requires the maximum resolution available.

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