If it takes you longer than 10 minutes to adjust a single unit crown….

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If it takes you longer than 10 minutes to adjust a single unit crown….

Just recently, I visited a client doing my normal office visits. The receptionist took me to his office to have a seat. I am thinking “uh oh” this can’t be good.  The dentist peeps his head in and says “just wait here and I will be right back.”

I patiently waited maybe 10 minutes when the Doctor came in with a smile on his face.  Again, I am wondering what is going on. Then he proceeds to say “I just want to say thank you to Aurum.”  As I ponder and wonder what he is thanking us for, he says “I feel so grateful to have you as a laboratory because seating single units takes less than on average 10 minutes including adjusting. The fit is spot on and the contacts are great. I am able to schedule patients accordingly with no fear of how long it will take to seat and adjust. Thank you for making my life easier.”  All I could do was mumble, “oh wow”…  He says while I waited for him, he just sat another beautiful zirconia restoration.

He then proceeds to tell me if doctors are spending more than 20 minutes or more seating a single crown, it is cutting into their production and productivity and I should be informing potential clients of this.  So this is something to ponder, as a person who thinks esthetics and fit is important, proper fit can increase the success of the practice, making time for other patients to be scene.

This doctor informed me that several of his colleagues are spending 45 minutes to an hour adjusting a single unit using another laboratory.  I can’t speak on behalf of any other laboratory however I can tell you that The Aurum Group takes pride in craftsmanship. All of our technicians take pride in producing a life like restorations.  Every case is quality checked before it leaves the lab. Does this mean every case is successful? I would like to say yes…but that wouldn’t be realistic.  We work with the tools that are given to us. Sometimes impressions have such minor distortion it is not detected.  We strive to do our best on every case every time to minimize time seating and adjusting.

With the introduction of intraoral scanners, such as Carestream or iTero, fit has ruled. We are able to produce restorations that seat with minimal adjustments.  The CAD/CAM world has introduced a digital workflow into dentistry that is not going away.  If cases seem to take longer to seat than you think, evaluate the impression taking skills and materials. It may even be a good time to have a demo of an intraoral scanner to see if it is a fit for your office.

So next time you are seating a case, take note and how long it takes. If it meets your expectations, let your laboratory know. If it doesn’t, let them know that too. Not only do you want to be successful, The Aurum Group wants you to be successful as well. We are part of your team.

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Trish Jones, RDH, BS Technical Accounts Manager
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