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As children many of us played the game where a message was whispered around a circle and the final person had to try to repeat what the original message was.  We all remember how that went- by the time the message reached the last person it was completely different from the original and most often was complete nonsense.

This same process is repeated in many dental practices on a daily basis where dental teams try to explain implant treatment to patients.  They may have brochures, models, stock videos or just do a really thorough job of explaining the complete process in intricate details.  Most often the patients are nodding and seem to be understanding and take the fancy treatment plan home to discuss with their significant other.  How often do you think the patient is able to articulate the treatment and the value that this treatment will have to their overall function, esthetics and quality of life?  Or, on the other hand, is it more of a situation where the patient has a few sound bites that they actually remember but can’t explain, defend or justify the value of the treatment to their partner, spouse or family and the message at the end of the circle is one of “wow- that’s a lot of money”?  Are you losing patients or is your case acceptance down due to these types of situations?

The Avinent Implant system designed a free app called “My Digital Treatment” to help eliminate this problem entirely and it has proven to be a highly effective tool.  When presenting implant treatment to patients using the Avinent system, you can go through your regular case presentation or use the completely interactive app to select the appropriate check boxes for their unique and customized treatment.  This free app will walk the patient through the entire process from start to finish- implant placement to final prosthetics either with traditional impressions or using digital solutions.  They will understand the process completely!  Better yet, you can give the patients a card with the appropriate check boxes selected (customized to their treatment plan)  to take home and share with their spouse or family so they can see the value of the treatment plan you are offering, rather than just the cost.  Today’s consumers are much more educated and want a higher level of involvement in understanding what their health and dental care options are.  Generic videos or web links don’t resonate with patients because it is not their treatment.  Don’t leave it to chance- start using the “My Digital Treatment”  app and Avinent Implant System today.  Contact Avinent Canada at or toll free at 1-855-566-5928.

Mike Brost
Mike Brost, VP Sales, The Aurum Group


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Posted by Mike Brost, VP Sales on 27 November 2015 | Comments
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