ACCES™ System

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ACCES™ System

Aurum Ceramic®’s exclusive ACCES™ system

Utilizing a range of two- (prescription, photos and smile analyses) and three-dimensional (impressions, provisionals/temporaries, models and indices/stents) communication tools, ACCES™ creates a clear blueprint for unsurpassed esthetic and functional results. Consistent and careful use of these tools allows a smooth transfer of detailed information between patient and dentist and between dentist and laboratory technician, prior to any dentistry performed on the patient.


Show patients interested in a more esthetic smile a customized presentation of what can be achieved – without having to prep or numb the teeth. Based on actual patient models. Wax added to incisal edges, occlusal table and buccal corridors to produce more esthetic smile. Simple temp matrix fabricated from mock-up and returned to dental office for intra-oral placement.

Diagnostic Wax-up

Natural-looking three-dimensional representation of final case. Indicated for crowns, bridges, veneers and implants as well as Advanced Cosmetic cases. Powerful patient communication tool. Dramatically increase acceptance rates by allowing patient to view shape and contour of teeth. Allows careful planning of function, anterior guidance and cuspid rise.

Indices and Stents

Prep Indices
Provides four "views" including incisal reduction (to ensure teeth are in proper arch form) and Labial Prep Guide sectioned to allow portions to be "pulled away" to verify amount of labial reduction needed over 3 planes (gingival, body and incisal).

Sil-Tech Bite Stents
Reflects bite registration prior to preparation. Maintains correct vertical and anterior/posterior position of the lower arch. When totally relined, reflects prep-to-prep relationship.

Temporary Stents
Allows quick fabrication of outstanding in-office temporaries – within ten (10) minutes.

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