NaturalLook® Dentures

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NaturalLook® Dentures

Full and partial dentures that look as good as they perform!

Give your patients a life-like, confident "NaturalLook® Smile". Every NaturalLook® denture takes into account the subtle variations of natural dentition and contours of natural tissue that make each patient unique. They accurately capture the patient's "personality" (age, sex, skin tone, facial features), smile lines, buccal corridors and embrasures. Every NaturalLook® full or partial denture or cast partial is constructed using your preferred Ivoclar or Dentsply teeth and processed using SR-Ivocap "Plus" High Impact material. Combining heat and pressure polymerization with continuous injection, NaturalLook® Dentures have no pressure points, raised bites or microporosities. If desired, your full or partial denture can be done using the Accu-Liner technique resulting in absolutely correct occlusal plane and incisal length. And, bite rims taken on the Accu-Liner are much easier as when the occlusal plane and incisal length are correct, only a simple bite is required.

  • Also available as overdentures for implants.
  • Processed using SR-Ivocap "Plus" High Impact denture base material - dentures more fracture-resistant and tissue compatible (no skin contact with monomer).
  • Finished dentures exact reproduction of the waxed up denture. No pressure points or raised bites.
  • Maximum polymerization for a strong chemical bond with resin teeth. Lasting colour stability. Total homogeneity of material eliminates growth of bacterial flora and odour.

NaturalLook® Dentures patient brochure features

  • Let Aurum Ceramic help you create that perfect smile!
  • Full-colour brochure developed specifically for use as patient education and promotional tool.
  • Clearly explains what makes up an excellent denture.
  • Outlines what constitutes the "NaturalLook®".
  • Includes full instructions on proper denture care.

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