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In addition to our exclusive NaturalFlex® II (for more permanent tooth borne solutions), Aurum Ceramic® offers Valplast® and Flexite® – two great options for interim tissue borne prostheses. All three supply more attractive and fully functional removable thermoplastic alternatives to traditional metal partial dentures. Fully hypoallergenic/biocompatible, today's thermoplastics have no metallic taste and reduce patient thermal sensitivity. Typically without free monomer, they also have almost no porosity, reducing biologic material build-up, odours and stains and ensuring higher dimensional and colour stability. Thermoplastics are also more flexible and stronger than acrylics with greater flexibility, reducing fracturing. Virtually unbreakable, they are lightweight and blend seamlessly with the natural tissues for excellent esthetics. The injection process used in fabrication and the strength of the materials allows the prostheses to be made very thin, providing ideal adaptation to hard and soft tissues. Their strong, durable clasps snap securely and comfortably into place around the existing dentition and the gingival, utilizing soft tissue undercuts for retention. Unlike traditional metal-based partials, there is little or no tooth preparation necessary.

  • Nylon based thermoplastic, available in one clear and three pink shades.
  • Proven over 50 years of clinical success.
  • Valplast appliances must be warmed (by placing case in very hot tap water for approximately one minute, then allowing to cool until patient can tolerate temperature) prior to insertion.
  • Every Valplast® partial has a lifetime warranty by the material’s manufacturer against breakage and fracture of the base material, assuming normal use.
  • Nylon based thermoplastic with exceptional toughness and flexibility.
  • Fabricated and fits like a cast metallic partial. Memory comparable to precious wire, yet flexible.
  • Available in one clear, two pink and three ethnic shades.
  • Over 25 years of clinical history.
  • Unlike Valplast®, Flexite® prostheses can be repaired and relined in operatory or in the laboratory either using its own material or with regular acrylic where a bonding agent is applied to non-flexing areas (NOTE: use of acrylic will result in loss of some of partial’s flexible properties).

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