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Aurum Ceramic®'s exclusive Princess® crowns and bridges combine the natural beauty of pressable ceramics with the strength of porcelain-fused-to-metal. Indicated for single crowns, anterior and posterior bridges (up to four units) as well as posterior inlay-type retained or cantilever bridges, Princess® offers enhanced esthetics, pressed ceramic margins, low wear and full cementability.

Beautiful 360° all-ceramic margins. Full 1-2 mm of thermo-pressed ceramic past finished metal coping. Fits more precisely and stronger than hand-layered alternatives. Metal (your alloy of choice) substructure provides strength and longevity. Can be cast thin for normal tooth reduction. Fluorescence and natural colour allows exact match to surrounding dentition. Specialized Aurum AE (Advanced Esthetic) Teams™ layering techniques make restorations come alive. Cement with your preferred C&B cement.

Princess® patient brochure features

  • Clear, easy to understand full-color brochure builds excitement and demand from current and potential patients.
  • Highlights all the benefits of gold for your patient's dental restorations.
  • Uses lifestyle and actual clinical photography to illustrate the healthy, beautiful smiles you can now offer based on gold.
  • Explains the unique attributes of high gold alloys from a patient perspective.