Clear-Flex® Splint

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Clear-Flex® Splint

Constructed using a unique, clear thermo-elastic material with memory, Clear-Flex® resists breakage and still allows the splint to maintain its original shape. Allows a trial phase of therapy in derangement cases, TMJ and other craniomandibular disorders, without making irreversible changes in condylar position. Once warmed under hot tap water, the splint becomes flexible for easy insertion. As it cools, the splint returns to its original shape and conforms to the teeth providing excellent retention. Clasping is almost eliminated, usually indicated only in cases where there is no height of contour. If required, ball clasps can be easily added on the linguals and buccals of the bicuspids and molars. The soft nature of the material greatly improves patient comfort, acceptance and compliance.

Entirely constructed of soft material, Clear-Flex® should be employed for patients with only a minor or moderate history of grinding and clenching (i.e., where minor wear facets are visible). "Gives" a little intraorally making accurate cuspid rise more difficult to attain. If cuspid rise is important, Dual-Flex® is required for better wear and greater cuspid rise accuracy. Suitable for all splint designs (e.g., Gelb, MORA, May, Sears, Jankelson, Tanner, etc.), Clear-Flex® can be used to:

  • Reproduce mandibular rest position as a centric occlusion position.
  • Provide therapeutic occlusion in harmony with the neuromuscular patterns.
  • Provide disclusion guidance that frees masticatory system from unwanted posterior interferences.
  • Provide a masticatory machine which can apply maximum force with minimum self destruction and pain.

Clear-Flex® Splint patient brochure features
  • Full-colour brochure developed specifically of use as a patient education and promotional tool.
  • Includes a brief, easy to understand explanation of the incidence and challenges posed by bruxism on dental restorations.
  • Covers all the latest developments in Splint Therapy as represented by Clear-Flex® and Dual-Flex®.
  • Also offers comprehensive splint care instructions.