Dual-Flex® Splint

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Dual-Flex® Splint

Traditionally, splints have been made from either a hard acrylic or a soft, polyvinyl material. Hard acrylic splints provide the patient with an adjustable occlusal surface but usually require substantial chair time to make the appliance fit comfortably. Soft splints, although more comfortable for the patient, do not lend themselves to replacement and repair. The Dual-Flex® Splint offers the best of both worlds: the comfort and fit of a soft splint combined with the accuracy and adjustability of a hard acrylic occlusal surface.

Based on the unique Clear-Flex® thermoplastic (or temperature sensitive) resilient polymer, the splint becomes flexible when placed in warm water. This allows the patient to insert it in their mouth comfortably, without any abnormal forces being placed on their teeth. As it cools the splint returns to its original shape, conforming to the teeth for secure, reliable retention. A hard acrylic is chemically bonded to the Clear-Flex® base to form the occlusal surface of the splint. This allows the dentist to easily and precisely adjust the occlusal surface of the appliance. This hard occlusal surface ensures proper proprioceptive response with opposing dentition is maintained.

  • Can be utilized for all splint designs (e.g. Gelb, MORA, May, Sears, Jankelson, Tanner, etc.)
  • Perfect for protecting crowns, bridges and veneers from any abnormal occlusal forces that might damage them.
  • Reproduce mandibular rest position as a centric occlusion position.
  • Provide therapeutic occlusion in harmony with the neuromuscular patterns.
  • Provide disclusion guidance which frees masticatory system from unwanted posterior interferences.
  • Provide a masticatory machine which can apply maximum force with minimum self destruction and pain.
  • Can be worn during light sports activity (NOTE: never substitute in contact sports where a full athletic mouthguard such as Sports-Flex™ is indicated) or overnight in bruxism cases (bruxism splints are regularly employed to prevent excessive tooth wear, tooth mobility and loss of tissue attachment).

Dual-Flex® Splint patient brochure features
  • Full-colour brochure developed specifically of use as a patient education and promotional tool.
  • Includes a brief, easy to understand explanation of the incidence and challenges posed by bruxism on dental restorations.
  • Covers all the latest developments in Splint Therapy as represented by Clear-Flex® and Dual-Flex®.
  • Also offers comprehensive splint care instructions.