Specialty Splints

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Specialty Splints

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Disorders of the jaw joint along with myofacial pain have become subjects of great concern for the general practitioner today. More and more adult patients are being seen with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction, suffering from local (neck, shoulder or sinus) pain, clicking in the joints, pronounced malocclusion, impaired excursion in opening of the mouth or deviant motions of the jaw. Untreated TMJ problems can even lead to osteoarthritis and generative joint disease.

Orthopedic splint therapy has become an exacting science - a science that requires experienced, professional support personnel. Space Maintainers Laboratories Canada Ltd. has answered the challenge. Our outstanding Splint Department is staffed with well-trained, experienced and creative technical specialists fully versed in the complete range of today's splint techniques. And, our ongoing staff training program keeps them and Space Maintainers on the leading edge of splint technology. Your complete source for all the various styles of surgical, TMJ and Bruxism splints available, the Space Maintainers Splint Department offers all of today's popular splint designs. And, our specialists are always ready to take on your special or custom requirements when they arise.

For splints that fit and function exactly as you prescribed, talk to the professionals at Space Maintainers. They're the specialists in splint design.

MORA Appliance

The Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance (as described by Dr. Gelb) has been designed to reposition the mandible with its condyle (achieves optimal neuromuscular balance as well as balanced condyle-fossae relationships). The appliance consists of clear acrylic bite pads covering the molars and bicuspids connected by a heavy, oval lingual bar.

Protective Splint

A simple, inexpensive, vacuum formed splint designed to protect tooth structure on either the maxilliary or mandibular arch. Due to the thin nature of the material, a minimum bite opening of 1 to 2 mm. is possible. Occlusal facets are automatically duplicated in the appliance.

Horseshoe Splint

A popular bruxism splint, the Horseshoe features minimal occlusal coverage for maximum patient comfort. A twisted brass reinforcement wire carefully placed across the lingual anterior position of the appliance provides added strength. The acrylic occlusal surface can be either smooth or with occlusal facets.

MAY T.M.J. Splint

Similar in concept to the MORA Splint, the MAY T.M.J. Splint utilizes a lingual acrylic reinforced with twisted brass strengthening wire to support the occlusal pads. Proponents have been successfully treating a variety of symptoms throughout the body by using these splints to relieve dental stress. However, advanced study of the technique seems to be a prerequisite to optimum results with this appliance.

Maxilliary / Mandibular Bruxism Splints

The basic appliance consists of clear acrylic (for esthetics) covering the entire maxilliary or mandibular arch, heat cu#223451 for maximum strength. Careful finishing is requi#223451 so each opposing tooth bears equally on the acrylic biting surface. For ease of insertion and removal as well as proper retention, the model must be carefully surveyed and the undercuts blocked out by the laboratory before appliance construction. The prescription should indicate whether a smooth bite plane or occlusal facets are requi#223451. A wax bite must be taken to the correct vertical opening desi#223451 for the entire appliance.

Also Available*:

Disengaging and/or Occlusal Correcting Splints:
  • Clear-Flex®
  • Dual-Flex®
  • Soft Bruxism
  • Superior Repositioning
TMJ Splints-Repositioning
  • Anatomical
  • Anterior Repositioning
  • Levanoski Stabilization Repositioning

*In addition to the designs listed here, the splint department at Space Maintainers Laboratories Pacific Northwest fabricates a wide variety of other appliances.

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